April Net Worth

Well I am now deciding that I will share my net worth for others as a learning tool. It also helps hold myself accountable to what I preach. Hopefully others will get inspired with these updates and build the future they desire. My goal is to always save as high of a percentage of my … Continue reading April Net Worth

Emergency Fund

According to a report by Bankrate 66 million Americans haver zero saved for emergency expenses. You might think low-income households face the most difficulty creating a financial cushion, the problem is hardly confined to the poor. More than half of all households with an annual income under $30,000 have no emergency savings. But one in … Continue reading Emergency Fund

The Power of a Budget

Something as simple as a budget is a very powerful tool if used properly. Sometimes we must go back to the basics with finances. Americans in general are not great savers. New data from a recent study by U.S. Bank states that only 41% have a budget set in place. While to some this is […]